FAQ: Weekend Maid Service in the San Francisco Bay Area?

By October 27, 2014News

Questions: Do you provide weekend maid service in the San Francisco Bay Area? Are you guys open Sunday?

We did not realize how many bay area maid services were not open on the weekend, until customers started asking us if we could come out for a cleaning on a Saturday or a Sunday. So, to clear this up – we are definitely available for cleanings on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and every other day of the week. In fact, weekends are our popular days, which we thought was obvious. After all, we’re here to make your lives easier, and that includes being available when you are.

So, if you need deep house cleaning on Friday before your friends visit for the weekend or regular maid service Sunday after that big dinner you worked so hard to throw the day before, we’re ready. Remember, we offer weekend maid service to the entire bay area, including San Francisco, Oakland, Palo AltoSan Jose, Portland, and Seattle.

To book weekend maid service for your home, just select your preferred date and time at checkout. We’ll send email confirmation of your selection within 1 hour of checkout so you’ll know we’ll be there when you need us.

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