Method Air Fresheners – A Better Way to Spray

By May 19, 2015Design

Innovative, Ecofriendly Design

We are big fans of Method cleaning products over here at Maidologie, and have been for years. The company has also been running some really cool promotions on a few of our favorite California blogs – the San Francisco based Oh Happy Day!, and So Cal’s Design Milk – to promote it’s new and innovative Method air fresheners.


Method air freshenersWhat is really cool about Method, compared to other eco friendly cleaning products on the market, is that they are not only pushing the envelope with the “eco friendly” in the green cleaning products industry, but also the physical product design. Sure, they disclose all ingredients in their products and subject themselves to a complete and independent third-party assessment of its process. And Method goes above and beyond to ensure that it’s products are eco-friendly not just in its marketing, but truly safe for humans, pets, and the earth as according to environmental scientists. However, what makes Method truly AWESOME is their product design.


With this latest air freshener design, the company has achieved something nearly impossible. First, they put Method air fresheners into a recyclable plastic container. To date, aerosols have been in pressurized aluminum containers. The recycled plastic containers are also aesthetically appealing, especially when they’ll be placed next to hard and heavy looking traditional aerosol and air fresheners products on store shelves. Second, they created an alternative to the aerosol cap, because we all lose that unnecessary appendage anyway. Plus, air fresheners don’t functionally need a cap. Instead of a cap, the Method air freshener comes with an attached loop that does not fall off and makes it easy to carry and hold the air freshener bottle. And third, they’ve created scents that smell natural, like french lavander, wild poppy, sweet tangerine, and beach sage! No more fake floral scents that smells like your grandmother’s house.


Design Milk did a great interview with Method’s VP of Product Design – check it out to learn more about how they created and designed the new Method air fresheners!