Frequently Asked Questions

and Terms of Service

Below we have collected some of the questions that we have received from clients to help you better understand Maidologie, our policies, and our cleaning process. Please note that our Frequently Asked Questions also serve as our Terms of service.

How does the online booking work?

Glad you asked! Simply visit our booking page from your computer, iPad, or mobile phone and fill out your address, preferred time and date, and method of payment… and click submit!

We’ll send a second email with a confirmation of your selected time and date or offer you some alternative times. Bookings made for the same day or less than 48 hours are not guaranteed service, but we will do our best to squeeze you in or offer you the next available slot. We are not an on demand service. So for best results, book at least 48 hours in advance. Please note: we ask for payment info on our booking page, but we do not charge your card until your cleaning is complete.


During what times do you clean?

We books cleaning appointments between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm, 7 days a week. To see available times for your preferred date, please see our booking page.


Who provides the cleaning supplies?

We do! We will bring all cleaning supplies and equipment necessary to clean your home. Wherever possible, we use green products, safe for your family and loved ones. If you have a specific product you would like us to use, please let us know and leave it out for the Maidologie cleaning team.


How does the 200% Guarantee work?

We stand behind the quality of our service and want you to be completely satisfied with our work. If you are not happy with our cleaning, we will send out a Maidologie team for a 2nd and free cleaning. In the event, we still cannot meet your expectations, we can offer a partial to full refund. However, no refunds will be given before a reclean is completed.


Are you insured?

Absolutely! We are insured AND bonded. Between that + our 200% Guarantee + our dedication to customer service = you have nothing to worry about, except what day/time you want to book!


What are your current service areas?

We service several cities on the West Coast, including the greater San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland, San Jose, Portland, and Seattle.


Do you do recurring/subscription cleanings?

Of course! In fact, if you book subscription cleanings, we will give you a discount! To book recurring/subscription cleanings, select your frequency at checkout. You only need to book the first cleaning. After that, your next cleaning will be booked automatically for as long as you like.


Will I get the same cleaner each time?

We understand the tremendous convenience of dealing with the same cleaner at each cleaning. To that end, reoccuring/subscription cleanings will see the same cleaner each time. We also try to assign one time cleanings that are not regular, but booked every so often to the same, preferred cleaner.


Do I have to be home for the whole cleaning appointment?

Absolutely not! You can either stick around and Maidologie’s 1-2 person cleaning team will clean your home quietly and inconspicuously. You can also head out after our team arrives and run errands. Or leave us a key under the mat, in the mailbox, or front desk, and come back to a home that will be as clean as new. Our Maidologie cleaning teams are thoroughly background checked and have several years of experience in the industry, and we follow the same checklist of areas to clean whether or not you are home.


Are all the extras included in the deep or the move/in out cleanings?

When we first launched, we bundled all of the extras in the move in/out cleanings. Then we realized that many of the homes we were cleaning did not have all appliances in the home. Since then, we have broken down the big package into each of the single services. The move in/out cleanings no longer include all of the extras. Now you can customize your cleaning by move out + specific service as according to your needs!


I need a service that is not on your list of add-ons. Can you cater to my specific needs?

We create specific plans for our clients all the time. Our add-ons are our most popular requests, but we also offer an array of house cleaning services that are unique to each client. Please drop us a quick note (using the chat box in the bottom right) with some details about what you are looking for, and we will get back to you immediately.

I have a 3 bedroom house but I only want 1 bedroom cleaned. Can I book the 1 bedroom cleaning?

Unfortunately, our flat rate pricing only works if you book a 3 bedroom cleaning for a 3 bedroom house. If you only need 1 bedroom cleaned, you are welcomed to write to us for a custom pricing.

Our system cross references all addresses against public records to verify if we have the correct number of bedrooms listed for your address. However, sometimes public records are incorrect, not up to date, or not found. So unfortunately, if you have more bedrooms than what you book, your cleaning will be cancelled.

How long will my cleaning take?

We calculate the hours by the number of bedrooms for a regular cleaning. A deeper cleaning will take longer, depending on the condition of the home. Here is our normal cleaning time durations:

1 bedroom home – 2 hours regular clean, 5 hours deep clean

2 bedroom home – 4 hours regular clean, 8 hours deep clean (2 cleaners x 4 hours)

3 bedroom home – 6 hours regular clean, 10 hours deep clean (2 cleaners x 5 hours)

4 bedroom home – 10 hours regular clean (2 cleaners x 5 hours), 14 hours deep clean (2-3 cleaners)

Please note that the Maidologie service is a flat rate service that works because we accurately estimate the time needed to service different homes and according cost, and our clients accurately access their cleaning needs. In the event that a cleaning takes far longer than our above expected time durations, Maidologie reserves the right to charge up to $300 per cleaning as an excessive cleaning fee.

As a curtesy, before we add this fee, we will notify you by email but no notice is required. However, we use this added fee very sparingly. In the years that we have been in business, we have only had to add this fee a total of 4 times. If you have an abnormally dirty home and worried about the fee, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask us about it.

I also have cat(s), dog(s), and/or house pets that shed hair. Can I book the regular clean or should I book the deep clean?


If you have any number of cats or dogs or both, please book your first cleaning as a deep clean. If you book reoccuring cleanings, the subsequent cleanings will revert back to the regular cleaning and according prices. If you have pets and do not book a deep clean for your first clean, please note that we will automatically upgrade you to the deep clean before charging your method of payment.

I need to have a home cleaned that hasn’t been cleaned in weeks. Are you equipped to deal with it?

We can certainly make your home shine again. Normally, our deep cleans are able to service homes with extra dog hair or those that have not been cleaned in weeks.

However, on occasion we have found that the deep cleans require far more time than is factored into our prices. For this reason, we reserve the right to charge up to $300 for an excessive cleaning charge per cleaning.

That is not to say that all homes with dog hair or those that have gone weeks between cleanings will end up with this charge. In the 4 years that we have been in business, we have only needed this charge 4 times.  Of course, if you’re worried about the condition of your home or potential extra charges, please check in with us before your cleaning.


Can I buy a cleaning service gift card for a loved one?

Want to thank someone, or help new parents or homeowners with a free cleaning service? Or maybe you can’t think of a good birthday/holiday present for that super busy superhero in your life? We are now offering GIFT CARDS!


I booked a cleaning. Then I forgot about my appointment, and the Maidologie cleaning team is at my door, but I’m not home. Will I be charged?

We send out an email reminder 3 days and 1 day before your cleaning appointment to help you avoid this situation. However, if you still forget, you will be charged a $20 transportation fee. And we will reach out to reschedule your cleaning.


Additional Terms of Service

I understand that simply checking out with the Maidologie booking form (linked here) does not constitute as a contract with Maidologie. I understand that the booking form does not guarantee me an appointment or service, and is only a request for an appointment or service. I understand that the time and date of my appointment is subject to change as per Maidologie availability, and that occasionally weather, the health of the Maidologie cleaning staff, and any number of reasons that cannot be predicted can result in a last minute reschedule or cancellation. I understand that Maidologie will not be liable for damages as a result of any delays, cancellations, or defaults, if such delays, cancellations, or defaults are caused events beyond such party’s control including, but not limited to, staff illness, last minute scheduling conflicts, transportation accidents, acts of God, regulation or law or other action of any government or agency thereof, war or insurrection, civil commotion, destruction of production facilities or materials by earthquake, fire, flood or storm, labor disturbances, epidemic, or failure of suppliers, public utilities or common carriers.

And finally, I understand that Maidologie strives to a high standard of cleaning quality, treats both Maidologie staff and customers like a small business family, and constantly strives to improve our processes and procedures to be a better home cleaning service.


Still have questions?

Use the blue chat box in the lower right to shoot us a question and we’ll get back to you in minutes!

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