Fighting the Cold and Flu Season with a Clean Home

By November 6, 2014Uncategorized

Fall Sunset in San FranciscoFall in November is such a vibrant time of the year in the San Francisco bay area, from the bright yellows and reds of changing leaves to migrating birds to the fiery orange sunsets. But alongside these beautiful sights, with fall comes the cold and flu season. Here are some preventative tips for fighting the cold and flu season with a clean home and healthy habits.

Keep Germs at Bay with Healthy Habits

Washing your hands more frequently is the single most effective habit against getting sick this season. According to the American Cleaning Institute, cold and flu germs can easily survive on various surfaces for many hours, lasting up to 48 hours on plastic, woods, and metals. We collectively share numerous surfaces with other humans from a light switch to a door knob to a BART or theater seat, and any of these could turn into the point of contact for your next flu or cold. Increasing how often you wash your hands can dramatically reduce your chances of getting this sick this fall season. Carrying a hand sanitizer, or keeping one in your car or work desk can also help enable cleaner hands on the go.

San Jose famers market grapefruitAnd don’t forget to eat healthy. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and foods high in Vitamin C to strengthen your immune system. For suggestions, check out this great list immune system boosters. Here at Maidologie, we love eating grapefruit and oranges. Not only are they high in Vitamin C and a real treat, but steep the peels in some vinegar and you’ve got yourself a great, eco-friendly countertop cleaner.

Clean your Home More Often

We tend to spend more time in our homes during chillier seasons. Whereas the summer is spent on the beach, going on vacations, and generally spending more time outside in the sunlight, we retreat to the coziness and warmth of our homes in the fall and winter. We also spend more time with our family, friends, or roommates, which makes it easier to catch something. So keep your homes clean to stay healthy.

If your or another family member gets sick, use antibacterial wipes to clean high traffic surfaces like bathroom door knobs or tv remotes to prevent passing your germs onto someone else. For larger surfaces, mix a few drops of peppermint or tea tree oil in water and use that as a disinfectant in the bathroom or breakfast counter. Taking a few minutes to wipe down common area surfaces can go a long way to keeping seasonal illnesses at bay.

We recommend that you clean once every 2 weeks to maintain a healthy and happy home this fall and winter. At the very least, change the bedsheets, wipe down plastic/wood/metal surfaces, vacuum carpet, and clean the kitchen and bathroom areas to kill germs and prevent them from spreading from one person to another.

Don’t have the time? Book a biweekly house cleaning with Maidologie, and we’ll keep your home clean and germ free using green cleaning products, safe for you and your loved ones.

Time lost being sick from a flu or cold is not worth time saved by not cleaning your home. Let us help keep you healthy.