3 Quick Tips for a Thanksgiving Ready Home

By November 19, 2015Uncategorized

Thanksgiving is almost here in the San Francisco bay area and we certainly can’t wait! But are you ready for the big day?

In addition to deep cleaning every room in your house and planning out your menu for turkey day, here are 3 quick tips for a thanksgiving ready home. And don’t worry, we know you’re busy, so they’re fast and easy.

Show your garbage disposal some love.

After dinner, we end up pouring so much down the garbage disposal (maybe even too much, but we won’t get into that here). So make your garbage disposal ready to rock.

Cut down on any odors with lemon. Squeeze 1-2 lemons (save the juice for your evening tea), cut up the peels, put it in the disposal and let it run. Then throw in a few ice cubes to sharpen up the blades.

Clean hard water stains with vinegar.

Do you have cutlery or flatware that is looking a little tired? Our favorite way to shine your stainless steel appliances is with a vinegar and water mixture. You can use the same solution for your spoons and knives to make them look brand new. Just mix vinegar and water in a 50-50 dilution, spray, and rub off the hard water spots. If you really want to make them shine, put a few drops of mineral oil on a washcloth and wipe down your utensils. Your flatware looks brand new!

Organize your refrigerator

. If you booked a fridge clean with us, your fridge is definitely sparkling. But get back in there and make way for the turkey dinner leftovers. We tend to put everything in the fridge as a precaution, but some grocery is better off on your counter. Items that don’t need to be in the fridge include condiments, winter squash (have hard protective outer rinds), apples/tomatoes (get mushy), potatoes (lose their flavor), onion/garlic (soften), and honey (hardens).

We’ll be guests rather than hosts this year for Thanksgiving, but we’ve already used these tips in our own homes. So whether or not, you’re responsible for the big dinner this year, use this tips to make your home a little bit happier, aka organized, for the holidays.